Open Domain Rule Visualizer

About the Open Domain Rule Visualizer Show

The Open Domain Rule Visualizer allows the submission of text fragments and interpretable rule sets to the Reach information extraction system. Each rule set specifies a grammar that recognizes entities, events, and relations using the Odin event extraction framework within Reach. Results returned by Reach processing are then visualized on the results page. Also displayed on the results page are the syntax tokens, syntax and event annotations, and syntax tree graphs which were derived by processing the provided text with the given rules.

Sample texts and rule sets are provided for use in exploring the Open Domain Rule Visualizer program. These samples may be loaded using the corresponding drop-down selectors in the entry panel. Alternatively, users may enter (or paste) text and/or rule sets directly into the appropriate text or rules boxes. Once text and a rule set have been entered, they may be submitted to Reach by clicking the Submit Text and Rules button. After a minute or two of processing, results will be shown on the results page.

Input Text and Rules: