Bio Rule Visualizer

About the Bio Rule Visualizer Show

The Bio Rule Visualizer allows the submission of cancer-biology-related text to the Reach information extraction system. Biologic entities and events identified by Reach processing are then visualized on the results page. The results pages also displays the extraction rules used, a visualization of the syntactic relationships in the text, the syntax tokens, BRAT annotations for both the syntax tokens and the events, and syntax tree graphs for the input sentences.

Sample cancer biology texts are provided for use in exploring the Bio Rule Visualizer program. These samples may be loaded using the drop-down selector in the text entry panel. Alternatively, users may enter (or paste) text of their own choosing directly into the text box for submission. After text has been entered, it may be submitted to Reach by clicking the Submit Text button. After a minute or two of processing, results will be shown on a results visualization page.

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